Every Second


Darlinghurst Theatre Company and Michael Sieders present a brand new Australian play
supported by AccessAustralia. Every Second by one of the country’s most daring and witty
playwrights, Vanessa Bates, will preview at the Eternity Playhouse from 27 June with the World
Premiere on 1 July.

Directed by Shannon Murphy (Bliss, This Year’s Ashes), the cast includes Simon Corfield (Torch
Song Trilogy) as Tim, Glenn Hazeldine (The Removalists) as Bill, Julia Ohannessian (Blood
Wedding) as Meg and Georgina Symes (In Between Wonderful) as Jen.

Every Second tells the story of two thirty-something couples desperate to have children. They’ve
given up sushi and champagne, as well as their sanity. Both couples discover conception is not as
easy as they once thought and assume they’re impervious to the stress of infertility.

Full of wry observations and bitter truths, Every Second takes a comedic look at a very modern
dilemma. Several years ago, in her mid-thirties, playwright Vanessa Bates discovered that she and
her partner were infertile. They embarked on the rollercoaster that is Chinese herbs, acupuncture
and IVF. “It was absurd but it was also nightmarish and draining and expensive, and I don’t just
mean that in the monetary sense,’ said Vanessa.

“At the time we felt terribly alone, none of our friends seemed to be like us. Now, it all seems
horribly common. Every Second came out of that experience.”

Director Shannon Murphy is thrilled to be bringing this play to an audience for the first time. “I
believe Vanessa to be one of our country’s greatest female playwrights. The structure of her work
and the truth and vulnerability of her characters are incredibly unique. Her talent is being
recognised overseas and I want Australia to have the opportunity to see her newest work and
experience the world premiere before it goes offshore.”


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