glugs of gosh

In 1966 a group of theatre-loving people – critics, journalists, actors and theatre goers – met occasionally for lunch. These instigators included famous theatre critic Norman Kessell, Bill Fenn, JCW’s PR man John Love, and ABC producer Allan Kendall. The group invited international and local guests from the theatre.

By 1969 it was decided this group should have a name. Barry Morse (the dauntless pursuer of TV’s The Fugitive) was in Sydney following his Broadway stint playing Hadrian the Seventh. He was presented with a gift from the group – C.J.Dennis’s tongue in cheek poems, The Glugs of Gosh. Barry urged them to continue the luncheon as a regular event to help other overseas performers feel at home just like he did, and with appropriate reverence, he waved his hand over the group and declared ‘‘I hereby christen you – The Glugs’’.

We are still going strong today with over 80 members. Membership is by invitation only. Those who care about theatre are always considered favourably after attending two events. We meet on the first Monday of the month at the Castlereagh Inn (home of the NSW Masonic Club).

The Glugs year officially kicks-off in February with a presentation evening for the Glugs Theatrical Awards. The 2014 Award Presentation for the best theatre of 2013 was held on Monday 3rd February at the Castlereagh Inn (169 Castlereagh St, Sydney).

Read more about Glugs in this Sydney Morning Herald interview.


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