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2016 Glugs Theatre Award Nominations

Beloved Sydney theatre group THE GLUGS – now celebrating their 50th year – proudly present nominations for the 2016 GLUGS THEATRE AWARDS. The awards ceremony will be held on Monday 6 February 2016 at The Castlereagh Hotel.

In 1966 a group of theatre-lovers – critics, journalists, actors and theatre-goers – met occasionally for lunch. Among them famous theatre critic Norman Kessell, JCW’s PR man John Love, and ABC producer Allan Kendall. The group invited international and local theatre guests who spoke about the profession over lunch and a glass of wine.

By 1969 it was decided the group should have a name. British actor Barry Morse was in Sydney following his Broadway stint and Australian tour of Hadrian the Seventh. He was presented a gift from the group – C.J.Dennis’s tongue-in-cheek poems The Glugs of Gosh. Barry urged the group to continue luncheons as a regular event to help other overseas performers feel at home just like he did, and with a wave of his hand he ceremoniously declared ‘‘I hereby christen you – The Glugs’’.

THE GLUGS continues with luncheons on the first Monday of every month at The Castlereagh Hotel, and applauds the best of every year’s Sydney theatre with their annual awards. New members are always welcome.




Caroline Brazier          The Literati                                          Griffin Theatre Company &                                                                                                                Bell Shakespeare

Marta Dusseldorp       Gloria                                                  Griffin Theatre Company

Deborah Kennedy       The Importance of Being Earnest       Sport for Jove

Kate Mulvany              The Literati                                          Griffin Theatre Company &                                                                                                   Bell Shakespeare

Robyn Nevin               All My Sons                                        Sydney Theatre Company


Andrew Henry             Look Back in Anger                            Red Line Productions

John Howard               All My Sons                                        Sydney Theatre Company

Daniel Mitchell            Barefoot in the Park                            Ensemble Theatre

Dan Spielman              The Blind Giant is Dancing                 Belvoir Theatre

William Zappa             Antigone                                              Sport for Jove



Ana Maria Belo           Tribes                                                  Ensemble Theatre

Rarriwuy Hick             The Golden Age                                  Sydney Theatre Company

Deborah Kennedy       Fawlty Towers                         Phil McIntyre, Michael Coppel &                                                                                           Louise Withers – Producers

Jody Kennedy             A Man with Five Children                   Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Genevieve Lemon        Tribes                                                  Ensemble Theatre


Syd Brisbane               Fawlty Towers                                     Phil McIntyre, Michael Coppel &                                                                                           Louise Withers – Producers

Noel Hodda                 Three Sisters                                       Sport for Jove

Garth Holcombe          Tribes                                                  Ensemble Theatre

Josh McConville         Arcadia                                                Sydney Theatre Company

Jamie Oxenbould        The Literati                                          Griffin Theatre Company



Laura Bunting                         Side Show                               One Eyed Man Prod. in assoc.                                                                                                with Hayes Theatre Company

Kerrie Anne Greenland          Side Show                              One Eyed Man Prod. in assoc.                                                                                                with Hayes Theatre Company

Esther Hannaford                    Little S hop of Horrors                        Luckiest Prod. & Tinderbox                                                                                                   Prod. in assoc. with Hayes                                                                                                     Theatre Company

Sheridan Harbridge                 You’re a Good Man Charlie    Hayes Theatre Company                                                                                 Brown

Amy Lehpamer                        The Sound of Music               John Frost, David Ian, Andrew                                                                                                Lloyd Webber & The Really                                                                                                             Useful Group

Anna O’Byrne                                    My Fair Lady                          Opera Australia & John Frost


David Campbell           Dream Lover                                       Gilbert Theatricals &   John Frost

Brent Hill                    Little Shop of Horrors                         Luckiest Prod. & Tinderbox                                                                                                   Prod. in assoc with Hayes                                                                                                     Theatre Company

Ainsley Melham          Aladdin                                                Disney Productions

Michael James Scott    Aladdin                                                Disney Productions

Anthony Warlow         Fiddler on the Roof                             Tim Lawson – Producer (for The                                                                                            Works Entertainment)



Jacqueline Dark           The Sound of Music                           John Frost, David Ian, Andrew                                                                                                Lloyd Webber & The Really                                                                                                             Useful Group

Sheridan Harbridge     The Detective’s Handbook                  New Musicals Australia                                                                                                         & Hayes Theatre Co.

Marney McQueen       Dream Lover                                       Gilbert Theatricals &                                                                                                               John Frost

Lara Mulcahy              The Detective’s Handbook                  New Musicals Australia                                                                                                         & Hayes Theatre Co.

Robyn Nevin               My Fair Lady                                      Opera Australia & John Frost


Ross Chisari                Ghost                                                  Ambassador Theatre Group,                                                                                                   GWB Entertainment & Red Live!

Laurence Coy              The Fantasticks                                   Wooden Horse Prod. in assoc.                                                                                               with Hayes Theatre Company

Martin Crewes             Dream Lover                                       Gilbert Theatricals & John Frost

Bert LaBonte               Dream Lover                                       Gilbert Theatricals & John Frost

Reg Livermore My Fair Lady                                      Opera Australia & John Frost


Julie Andrews             My Fair Lady                                      Opera Australia & John Frost

Jonathan Biggins         The Detective’s Handbook                  New Musicals Australia &                                                                                                     Hayes Theatre Co.

Richard Carroll            Side Show                                          One Eyed Man Prod. in assoc.                                                                                                with Hayes Theatre Company

Lee Lewis                    The Literati                                          Griffin Theatre Company &                                                                                                   Bell Shakespeare

Kip Williams               All My Sons                                       Sydney Theatre Company


Du Toit Bredenkamp              The Sound of Music John Frost, David Ian, Andrew Lloyd                                                                          Webber & The Really Useful Group

Alfie Gledhill                           Replay                         Griffin Theatre Company

Will McDonald                       The Drover’s Wife      Belvoir Theatre

Ainsley Melham                      Aladdin                        Disney Productions

Ashleigh O’Brien                    Wicked                       Packemin Productions


Hidden Sydney–The Glittering Mile Dir: Lucas Jervies         Working Management &                                                                                                        Live Ideas – Producers

Little Shop of Horrors                        Dir: Dean Bryant         Luckiest Prod. & Tinderbox                                                                                                  Prod. in assoc. with Hayes                                                                                                   Theatre Company

Side Show                                           Dir: Richard Carroll    One Eyed Man Prod. & in assoc.                                                                                           with Hayes Theatre Company

The Detective’s Handbook                  Dir: Jonathan Biggins New Musicals Australia &                                                                                                     Hayes Theatre Co.

Violet                                                   Dir: Mitchell Butel      Blue Saint Prod. in assoc with                                                                                     Hayes Theatre Co.


A Man with Five Children       Dir: Anthony Skuse                Darlinghurst Theatre Co.

Antigone                                 Dir: Damien Ryan                   Sport for Jove

Lake Disappointment              Dir: Janice Muller                   Carriageworks

Look Back in Anger                Dir: Lizzie Schebesta             Red Line Productions                                                                     & Damien Ryan

My Name is Asher Lev           Dir: Moira Blumenthal           Moira Blumenthal Prod. &                                                                                                    Encounters@Shalom


Jack of Hearts                                     By David Williamson

Liza’s Back! (is Broken)                     By Trevor Ashley & Phil Scott

The Detective’s Handbook                  Book & Lyrics: Ian Ferrington Music: Olga Solar

Hidden Sydney-The Glittering Mile    Writers: Trevor Ashley, Ray Badran, Nikki Britton &                                                                         Benito Di Fonzo

The Literati                                          By Justin Fleming after Moliere’s Les Femmes


Cinderella                                Dir: Bonnie Lythgoe               Bonnie Lythgoe – Producer

The Big Dry                            Dir: Fraser Corfield                 Ensemble Theatre &                                                                                                               Aust. Theatre for Young People

The Peasant Prince                  Dir: Tim McGarry                   Monkey Baa Theatre Co


A History of Falling Things    Dir: Nicole Buffoni                 Ensemble Theatre

Spring Awakening                  Dir: Mitchell Butel                 Aust. Theatre for Young People

The Big Dry                            Dir: Fraser Corfield                 Ensemble Theatre &                                                                                                               Aust. Theatre for Young People

The Peasant Prince                  Dir: Tim McGarry                   Monkey Baa Theatre Co


Trevor Ashley              Liza’s Back! (is Broken)         Snowqueen in assoc. with                                                                                                       Hayes Theatre Co.

Helen Dallimore          Don’t Bother To Knock          Helen Dallimore & One Eyed Man Prod.                                                                                                                               in assoc. with Hayes Theatre Co.

Ryan Gonzalez            Hispanic Attack                      One Eyed Man Prod. in assoc. with                                                                                                   Hayes Theatre Co.

Vashti Hughes            Piccolo Tales                           Piccolo Bar

Debora Krizak            Laugh be a Lady                      Slide


Aladdin                        Disney Productions

Dream Lover               Gilbert Theatricals & John Frost

Ghost                          Ambassador Theatre Group,                                                                                                   GWB Entertainment & Red Live!

My Fair Lady              Opera Australia & John Frost

Singin’ in the Rain      Lunchbox Theatrical Prod., TEG Dainty, Michael Cassel Group &                                        David Atkins Enterprises

The Sound of Music   John Frost, David Ian, Andrew Lloyd Webber &                                                      The Really Useful Group


All My Sons                            Dir: Kip Williams                               Sydney Theatre Company

Arcadia                                    Dir: Richard Cottrell                            Sydney Theatre Company

Blind Giant is Dancing            Dir: Eamon Flack                                Belvoir Theatre

The Good Doctor                    Dir: Sandra Bates                                Ensemble Theatre

The Literati                              Dir: Lee Lewis                         Griffin Theatre Company                                                                                                        & Bell Shakespeare



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IN THE PRESS – Spectrum

Article Lead - wide6521974012unmsimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.12tvvg.png1421800133426.jpg-620x349

Did you see us in Spectrum? Journalist Lenny Ann Low wrote a beautiful feature on the Glugs for the Sydney Morning Herald’s SPECTRUM.

Read the full story here:

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READING: 84, Charing Cross Road

ALL VENUES - 84 Charing Cross Road

84, Charing Cross Road – Adapted for the stage by James Roose-Evans from the true life story told by the eccentric and joyous New York bibliophile, Helene Hanff.  Her correspondence and the development of strong and loving relationships across the Atlantic, so humourously and wonderfully realised is sure to amuse and delight.

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Four Places – Tap Gallery


Bad Boy a New Hope for Outhouse Theatre

‘Bad Boy Bubby’ actor and AFI winner, Nicholas Hope, is making his full- length directorial debut with Four Places, a critically lauded script by US playwright Joel Drake Johnson and presented by Outhouse Theatre Co.

Formed in NYC by two Australian actors, Outhouse Theatre Co successfully produced the US premieres of three Australian plays. Eight years after its formation, Four Places will be the company’s inaugural Australian production.

Recently wrapping on Channel 9’s Gallipoli, Nicholas Hope takes the reigns on this LA Times “Critics’ Choice” script, partnering with actors Amanda Stephens Lee (On The Shore of The Wide World) and Jeremy Waters (2013 Sydney Theatre Awards Best Supporting Actor nominee for Jerusalem) in bringing Outhouse Theatre Co home to Australia. A published author, acting teacher and scholar (he holds a PhD in performance studies from the University of Sydney), Nicholas Hope now adds Director to his list of credits.

Hope says of the project, “The journey of the piece involves a layered series of reveals that take us gradually into a deeper area of understanding. The human need to hang on to a familiar world, no matter what, is explored in painstaking detail. It is quite exquisite! I first worked with Outhouse Theatre Co in Los Angeles. I’ve been inspired by the energy, commitment and insight they bring to their work.”

Four Places will be performed at The Tap Gallery from July 29 to August 10.

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David Williamson’s RUPERT

Daniel Sparrow Productions presents


Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


Exclusive Sydney Premiere Season – Three Weeks Only

From Tuesday 25 November 2014, Theatre Royal

“Truly captivating…wonderfully vulgar caricatures” – The Age

“It barrels along at terrific pace” – Time Out

“Energetic, ruthless…the crowd was in hysterics – Crikey


On Thursday 29 August 2013 the Melbourne Theatre Company presented the World Premiere of Rupert, David Williamson’s take on the greatest media mogul of all time, which enjoyed a sell-out season and critical acclaim.  The production then had its USA premiere at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, where it received standing ovations.

Rupert is now heading to Sydney for an exclusive premiere season at Sydney’s Theatre Royal opening on Saturday 29 November 2014 for a strictly limited three week season.  This Sydney season precedes a transfer to London’s West End in 2015.

With 2 actors playing the roles of Older and Younger Rupert and featuring a 6 strong ensemble cast in a myriad of over 60 roles, Rupert is a timely, theatrically inventive, often hilarious, cabaret infused recounting of the life and times of this influential yet elusive man who has shaped our world.  Charting his stellar rise to the top, Rupert tap dances (sometimes literally) his way through his first newspaper acquisitions, discoes toward his American breakthrough, shares a fiery flamenco with Margaret Thatcher, and charms some of the most colourful characters of the 20th century, including Tony Blair, Ronald Reagan and Wendi Deng.  But what happens when the man behind the news suddenly becomes the news?

“Murdoch is the most powerful Australian in the world” – ABC

Born in Melbourne in 1931 into one of the Australia’s most powerful and influential families, Rupert Murdoch’s passion for print saw him build an unrivalled global media empire.  Yet few would argue his rise to the top has not been without controversy or sacrifice.  Following the Leveson Inquiry into News International’s phone hacking scandal, Williamson’s play looks behind the news to the man himself – a political kingmaker, devoted father, loving son, ruthless businessman – as he forges his destiny.

“Murdoch is the most admired – and feared – media mogul of all time – Business Review Australia

“David Williamson has no peer in depicting modern life – The Age

David Williamson’s impressive career spans film, TV and theatre. The production of Rupert will make it a record-breaking 9th Williamson play to be presented in Sydney in 2014.  Williamson’s major works include The Removalists, Don’s Party, Don Parties On, The Department, Dead White Males, The Club, Travelling North, The Perfectionist, Emerald City, The Year of Living Dangerously, Gallipoli, Let the Sunshine and his most recent hit Cruise Control. His many awards include twelve Australian Writers’ Guild AWGIE Awards and five Australian Film Institutes’ Awards for Best Screenplay.

Lee Lewis sets a cracking pace and her cast don’t miss a beat– The Australian

Lee Lewis directs Rupert, with an all-star cast soon to be released.  The cast play a host of powerful characters including Margaret Thatcher, David Frost, Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Tony Blair, Wendi Deng, Rebecca Brookes, Barry Diller, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.

Lee Lewis is the Artistic Director of Griffin Theatre Company. Her Griffin directing credits include The Bull the Moon and the Coronet of Stars, A Hoax, Silent Disco, The Call and The Nightwatchman. Other directing credits include The School For Wives, Twelfth Night for Bell Shakespeare; Honour, ZEBRA! and Love Lies Bleeding for Sydney Theatre Company; This Heaven, That Face for Belvoir; and Highway of Lost Hearts for Darwin Festival.

Producer, Daniel Sparrow is an Olivier Award winning West End producer who is originally from Australia but moved to the UK some 14 years ago where he has since produced 9 plays and musicals in London and in New York.  Rupert will be his first production as producer in his homeland.

West End productions include Almodovar’s All About My Mother (Best New Play 2008 Whastonstage Awards), Three Days of Rain, starring James McAvoy, the UK premiere of Holding the Man starring Guy Edmonds and Jane Turner (Kath & Kim), Michel Legrand The Umbrellas of Cherbourgâ directed by Emma Rice, in collaboration with Kneehigh Theatre, the 2013 Olivier Award winning Sweeney Todd starring  Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton, Stiles and Drewe new musical Soho Cinders, the recent Palladium revival of A Chorus Line and on Broadway, Exit the King, starring Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon.

Think you know this man – think again!

On Sale:                             Tickets On Sale Friday 25 July

Venue:                                Theatre Royal, 108 King Street, Sydney

Season:                             Previews from Tuesday 25 November 2014

Opening Night Saturday 29 November 2014 at 7pm

Performance times:        Tues – Wed 7pm, Thurs – Sat 8pm (except 29/11 at 7pm),

Matinee performances Wed at 1pm, Sat at 2pm, Sun at 3pm

Ticket prices:                    From $50

Booking Details:     or 1300 723 038

Groups 10+ 02 8240 2290

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Dark Voyager


World Premiere

DARK VOYAGER  by John Misto

Director: Anna Crawford; Designer: Anna Gardiner; Lighting Designer: Matthew Marshall

With Eric Beecroft, Jeanette Cronin, Belinda Giblin, Lizzie Mitchell, & Kate Raison


Hollywood, 1962. Bette Davis (Jeanette Cronin) and Joan Crawford (Kate Raison) are at war – their careers are on the skids, they are aging rapidly, and they are locked in a titanic struggle for top-billing on their latest movie. When America’s most feared columnist, Hedda Hopper (Belinda Giblin), invites them to supper, they call an uneasy truce. However the evening turns chaotic when an unexpected guest arrives – a very young and very drunk  Marilyn Monroe (Lizzie Mitchell). Will old age and treachery defeat youth and courage? Or is there more to Marilyn than anyone could have guessed?  From the writer of such hits as The Shoe-Horn Sonata and Harp on the Willow comes a sparkling new comedy inspired by real events, as biting and crisp as a dry martini.


Director Anna Crawford (Great Falls, Seminar, Becky Shaw, My Wonderful Day, A Year With Frog and Toad) has assembled a wonderful cast for this World Premiere production. Jeanette Cronin (Bette Davis) has a regular role in the current ABC TV series Janet King, and recently appeared on television in Crownies and Rake. Her stage credits include The Boys, Bug and Quack for Griffin Theatre, The Taming Of The Shrew for Bell Shakespeare, A Dolls House for STC, The Women Of Troy for Belvoir and Reasonable Doubt for the New York International Fringe Festival. Belinda Giblin (Hedda Hopper) has had a distinguished career in film, TV and on stage over four decades. Earlier this year she appeared in John Misto’s The Shoe-Horn Sonata at Parramatta Riverside, reprising the role she played originally for Railway St. Theatre, which toured nationally in 2005 and again in 2007. Other theatre credits include Absurd Person Singular and Noises Off for Ensemble, Away for STC, Love Child, Dinner and Wicked Sisters for Griffin plus national tours of Steaming and The Vagina Monologues. Early career highlights include regular roles on the TV series Skyways, Sons and Daughters, The Sullivans and The Box. Lizzie Mitchell (Marilyn Monroe) has previously appeared at Ensemble in Neighbourhood Watch and two seasons of the children’s musical A Year With Frog and Toad. Other theatre credits include Bedroom Farce for Darlinghurst Theatre and Karaoke the Musical for Highlight Entertainment. Kate Raison (Joan Crawford) has had a long association with Ensemble Theatre appearing in more than 20 productions over the last 30 years, most recently The Gingerbread Lady, At Any Cost, Ninety, Let The Sunshine and Mary Stuart. Her television roles include the current Channel 10 series Wonderland, and she enjoyed many years playing ongoing roles in All Saints, E Street and A Country Practice. Eric Beecroft (Skip) is a WAAPA graduate and has appeared at Ensemble Theatre in The Glass Menagerie. Other theatre credits include Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet for Sport For Jove, The Will for Abercrombie St Theatre . He also appeared in the film Red.


Misto’s writing gifts are so enormous as to be daunting”  Sydney Morning Herald (for Gossamer)


It is truly a masterpiece by a sensitive and intuitive Australian playwright” The Daily Telegraph (for The Shoe-Horn Sonata)


John Misto’s playwriting combines an acutely sensitive humanity with an imagination that’s out of the ordinary and a mischievous sense of humour.” The Sun Herald (for The Shoe-Horn Sonata)



VENUE:  Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall Street, Kirribilli, NSW, 2061

DATES:  Previews from 24 July 2014, opening night Wed 30 July, 2014, playing to Sat 30 August, 2014.

PRICES: $25 – $69 (booking charges may apply)  School groups $25 per student (one teacher free per 12 students)

BOOKINGS: 02 9929 0644 or

PERFORMANCE TIMES: Tues 7.30pm, Wed – Fri 8.15pm, Sat 4.30pm & 8.15pm, Sun 5pm. Some Tues and Thurs 11am.

RUNNING TIME: Approx 2 hrs 20 mins including interval

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The Bold and the Musical

 PNG small

The outrageous, hilarious musical of the world’s most popular TV soap.





“One of the wildest, wackiest shows to ever hit the stage! You’ll die laughing!” – David Jude Allen


Bitch fights and fisticuffs, love triangles, wedding crashing ex-fiancés, transient amnesiac husbands and wives who rise from the dead, it could only be a musical version of “The Bold and The Beautiful”!


The hilarious standout of Slide’s Third Annual Cabaret Festival of 2014 returns after selling out its world premiere performance last month.


Roar with laughter as an incredible cast of stage and screen performers with impeccable comedic timing bring the “surely they won’t go there” scenarios of television’s most loved soap opera to life. Featuring actual dialogue from the TV series, this genre busting mash-up is an all-singing and dancing satire of life with the famous Forrester Family.


The successful live show was created by Aussie songwriter Bianca Moon whose own music for the famed TV show has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy. Says Bianca, “We actually have their blessing to turn the TV show into a musical. Though, frankly I can’t believe no one thought of this earlier, the material is just so, so ripe for parody!”


Featuring a stellar cast of award winning Australian stage and screen actors including:

P.J. Lane as Ridge Forrester

Lesley Hancock as Stephanie Forrester

Debora  Krizak as Brooke Logan

and Barry Quin as Eric Forrester


Date:                 Thursday 14 August

Venue:             Slide Lounge, 41 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst 2010

Prices:              $30 Show Only.  $70 for 3 Course Dinner and Show

Doors:              Doors open 7pm for Dinner. Show time 7:30pm.

Bookings:       02 8915 1899

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